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Via P. Paruta, 4, 30172 Venezia Mestre - Italy

Artepertutti SRLS is a company specializing in graphics and modern art that belongs to the Orler Artenetwork group.

Artenetwork Orler is a Gallery specialized in Russian Icons, Ancient and Modern Paintings, Graphics, Antiques, Silver, Murano Glass, Carpets and Restoration.

Artenetwork Orler is the first Italian art channel. In addition to the institutional teleshopping broadcasts, it offers its audience: documentaries, interviews, news, presenters known to the general public and national and international art experts.
Due to its peculiarities and thanks to the appreciated and diversified offer of shedule, the channel reaches various and articulated target audiences placing itself above all in the medium-high range, relatively more cultured and economically better positioned.

To expand the already considerable position conquered by the channel, there is the addition of streaming, active 24 hours a day, whic has over 600.000 connections a year and whic offers two channels dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art, Russian icons, Murano glass and all the Antiques.

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    Orler Stefano
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    Via P. Paruta, 4, 30172 Venezia Mestre
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