Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amorosart ?

Amorosart is a portal which allows art professionals to present their galleries and collections, to announce their future and/or past exhibitions, to publish their gallery news (fairs, shows, publications) but, above all, to exhibit their artworks and prints on a global marketplace and to establish contacts with potential clients and partners. Amorosart is a channel between gallery owners and collectors around the globe, uniquely dedicated to modern and contemporary prints and illustrated books.

Selling on Amorosart

Collectors interested by one of your prints or engravings can contact you via a short, simple form. The contact details of the potential buyer as well as the photo and information about the artwork requested will be sent to an e-mail of your choosing. (please note that members who are still in their trial period do not benefit from this service) You may then proceed directly to the sale with your new client without passing through Amorosart. Amorosart does not charge any commission on transactions between gallery owners and collectors. Neither do we retain the information exchanged. Amorosart is registered with the NCITCL/CNIL (National Commission of Information Technology and Civil Liberties/ Commission Nationales de l'Informatique et des libertés) CNIL n° 1301442.

Buying on Amorosart

Amorosart presents new prints for sale every day. You can contact a gallery directly by clicking on the button 'Contact the Gallery' present on each gallery’s own Amorosart page. In order to be the first to discover newly published prints and artworks, you may also subscribe to your favourite artists and receive a notification by email each time a new work by your selected artist is inserted.

Why Amorosart ?

Amorosart is a service that can drastically increase the sales prospects for your works. Amorosart provides a global, user-friendly platform for members as well as visitors and a high-quality framing of artworks with information on the artists and their works. Perhaps most importantly for a gallery, we ensure extensive listings on search engines: Amorosart was designed by a team of professionals specialised in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and placement. We regularly launch publicity campaigns on the internet to increase your exposure and therefore the visibility of your gallery and your artworks. We have made search engine visibility one of our prime objectives in order to satisfy our members and to maximise their sales on Amorosart.

What are the costs for member galleries ?

A subscription to Amorosart allows you to publish an unlimited number of works for sale. Your prints, engravings or illustrated books are instantaneously viewable by thousands of internet surfers. Amorosart is quickly becoming a powerful and limitless business tool. Once the work is sold, you can easily remove it from the site and enter new artworks. The more works you publish on the site, the more visible your gallery will become and the greater will be your chances for a large sales turnover. You will also be able to post information about your gallery, your exhibitions and news. Subscribing to Amorosart’s services costs 39 € per month excluding VAT (countries outside of the EU do no have to pay VAT). We do not require members to subscribe for any determined period and you may cancel your subscription at any time. Viewing the artworks on Amorosart is completely free for visitors.

What payment methods are accepted ?

The subscription is paid online through a secure platform. The subscription fee will be deducted monthly on the date of your registration.

What are the pre-requisites to subscribe to Amorosart ?

Using Amorosart is simple! Our web designers have worked hard to make the site intuitive and simple, allowing everyone to create their own virtual gallery. The only skills needed are the following :

- Surfing the internet.

- Viewing, reading and sending emails.

- Taking digital photos or computer scanning.

The quality of your photos is very important to increase the number of contacts you will receive! A beautiful photo of an interesting piece is certain to induce interest among Amorosart’s visitors. As a member of Amorosart, you will have access to an ergonomic and intuitive tool where you can supervise and edit the artworks published, your messages and the information about your gallery.

What is the best way to take photos of a work on paper ?

Here are some simple guidelines to taking good photos of your works :

1) Remove the print or engraving from its frame if it is framed. This will prevent light reflections.

2) Choose, if possible, to use a diffused light. You can use the sun, for example, or other indirect lighting to achieve a homogenous lighting which will not cast any shadows on the work.

3) Do not use flash. Using flash may create a large, bright light in the middle of your work, distorting the actual appearance of your artwork.

4) If your work is of exceptional quality, do not hesitate to use a professional photographer who is better equipped to take a flawless picture. Remember that works which are well photographed have much better chances of being sold.

What about new works on Amorosart ?

When you publish a print, it will automatically be included in the site's 'new items' category for 24 hours. This section is frequently viewed by buyers who visit our site regularly in the hunt for new works. Do not hesitate to regularly add works as you continue to make purchases in order to attract new clients.

Is Amorosart moderated ?

In order to preserve the quality of our service, we perform an 'a posteriori' control of new works and information. Our moderators retain the right to remove works under the following conditions :

- The photo quality is insufficient.

- Information on the work is erroneous.

- The authenticity of the work is questionable.

- The work is not by the cited artist.

You will be notified of the suspension of the work and you will be invited to delete it or to correct its content.

What if you cannot find an artist in your member space ?

We have created a complete list of artists who represent, in our view, the main players in modern and contemporary art. If your artist does not appear in the list please click here. We reserve the right to accept or to refuse a suggestion for a new artist.

How can I contact Amorosart ?

For all questions concerning your subscription and invoicing, difficulties inserting your work or removing it, we remain at your disposal and will respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible. You can contact us by email:

How can I cancel my subscription to Amorosart ?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can contact us by email on ( The account withdrawals will be automatically suspended and no advance notice is necessary. Your gallery remain visible on Amorosart until the end of the month and will then be removed. On request, we can save your data so that, in the future, you may reopen your account and have all your information restored on the site.

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