Paul Delvaux

Etching Delvaux - Songe


1994 - Paul Delvaux dies in Furnes, Belgium.
1972 - Delvaux is named Officer of the Order of Arts and Literature by the French Minister of Cultural Affairs.
1966 - The artist begins to create lithographic works.
1965 - Delvaux is named President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.
1960 - Delvaux creates a mural painting for the Congress Building in Brussels.
1952 - The artist creates a mural painting for the games room of the Kursaal d'Ostende, then, a few years later, an illusionist work for the Gilbert Perier house in Brussels.
1950 - Delvaux becomes a painting teacher at the Brussels Superior School of Art where he teaches until 1962.
1947 - Delvaux created the set designs for a play by Jean Genet at the Marigny theatre in Paris.
1938 - Delvaux travels to Italy and meets Eluard who dedicates a poem to him and calls it "Exile".
1936 - Delvaux’s paintings are completely surreal. The artist participates in the international exhibition of Surrealism in Paris.
1934 - Paul Delvaux’s first major exhibition at the Fine Arts building in Brussels where his works are displayed along with those of Dali, Magritte and De Chirico.
1922 - Paul Delvaux paints his first train stations. He appreciates and supports the influence of James Ensor.
1916 - Delvaux enters the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts.
1897 - Paul Delvaux is born in Antheit, Belgium.


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Published in 1976 by André Sauret, this catalogue of Delvaux is for the périod 1966 - 1976. About 100 original prints are here reproduced and described. Catalogue made by Mira Jacob.

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