Massimo Campigli


1971 - Campigli dies in Saint-Tropez from a heart attack on May 31.
1967 - Campigli divides his time between Rome and Saint-Tropez.
1966 - Giuditta dies.
1945 - Campigli illustrates "Poetry" by Verlaine using original, black lithography.
1942 - Campigli’s first lithography for the book entitled "The Million" by Marco Polo.
1939 - Campigli begins a 300 square meter fresco at the University of Padoue.
1938 - Campigli exhibition at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery in Paris.
1936 - Campigli enters into a second marriage with Giuditta Scalini who will be his inspiration for many paintings.
1927 - Campigli makes a living from his painting from this point forward. He travels to Rome and discovers Etruscan art.
1921 - Massimo Campigli exhibits for the first time in the Autumn Salon.
1919 - Campigli is sent to Paris by an Italian newspaper for 7 years. He isn’t wealthy. He works during the day and he paints at night.
1918 - Massimo Campigli obtains Italian nationality.
1915 - Campigli fights on the Italian front. He is captured the following year but he manages to escape.
1909 - The Campigli family moves to Milan.
1895 - Massimo Campigli (Max Ihlenfeld) is born in Berlin. His father is unknown. His mother is a citizen of Berlin.


1929 - Gallery Jeanne Bucher, Paris, France.
1931 - Galleria del Milione, Milan, Italy.
1935 - Julien Levy Gallery, New-York, USA.
1942 - Galleria Cavallino, Venice, Italy.
1946 - Stedelyk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland.
1951 - Galerie de France, Paris, France.
1952 - Hanover Gallery, London, England.
1956 - Galleria Selecta, Roma, Italy.
1957 - Malborough Gallery, London, England.
1959 - Gallery Stangl, Munich, Germany.
1960 - Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany.
1961 - Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Italy.


1939 - "Campigli e i busti",by Massimo Campigli, Ed. du Cavallino.
1942 - "Poemetto a Campigli" by Raphaele Carrieri, Ed. du Cavallino.
1955 - "Scrupoli", by Massimo Campigli, Ed. du Cavallino.
1931 - "Massimo Campigli", Ed. Ulrico Hoepli, Milan.
1943 - "Massimo Campigli", Ed. della Conchiglia, Milan.
1957 - "Campigli" by Jean Cassou, Ed. de L'œuvre gravé.
1961 - "Les idoles de Campigli" by André Chastel, Ed. Galerie de France.
2000 - "Campigli", by Nicola Campigli, André Chastel and Maurice Taynal Ed. galerie Tega, Milan.


"Campigli, opera grafica", reproduce and describe all the original prints of Massimo Campigli (lithographs, etchings and illustrated books). More than 200 artworks are in this book. Catalogue made by Meloni and Tavola, Graphis Arte publisher.

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