Jacques Villon


1963 - Jacques Villon dies in Paris at the age of 87.
1961 - Jacques Villon is elected as an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
1957 - "Homage to Jacques Villon" at the Paris Autumn Salon. The artist receives the Grand Prize at the Brussels Universal Exhibition.
1956 - Jacques Villon receives the Grand Prize for painting at the Venice Biennial Exhibition.
1951 - The National Museum of Modern Art in Paris hosts a retrospective exhibition for Jacques Villon.
1949 - Jacques Villon receives the Grand Prize for engraving at the Lugano Biennial Exhibition.
1944 - Villon’s first exhibition at the Louis le Carré Gallery.
1937 - Jacques Villon receives two honorary diplomas, one for painting and one for engraving, at the Paris International Exhibition.
1922 - Jacques Villon resorts to engraving to earn a living. He engraves a series of colour reproductions in the style of the Modernist Grand Masters up until 1930 (Braque, Matisse, Picasso, Manet, Dufy etc.). These engravings will be distributed mainly by the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery.
1914 - Jacques Villon is deployed in 1916 and is assigned to a camouflage unit. He will not be free until 1919.
1911 - Jacques Villon joins the cubist movement.
1899 - Jacques Villon takes up engraving which he will never abandon. His first engravings will be published by Edmond Sagot.
1896 - Villon draws for the weekly newspapers and creates his first black prints on the presses which his father used to print flyers for furniture sales. In 1898, Jacques Villon creates his first colour prints.
1895 - Villon moves to Paris with is son and, for two years, he studies art at the Cormon studio.
1894 - Jacques Villon attends the Rouen School of Fine Arts.
1875 - Jacques Villon is born in Damville, Normandy. He is the brother of the cubist sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon, the painter Marcel Duchamp and the painter Suzanne Duchamp.


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"Jacques Villon, les estampes, les illustrations", catalogue made by Ginestet and Pouillon, Arts et Métiers Graphiques publisher. this catalogue list the whole graphic work of Jacques Villon, almost etchings for this artist.

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