Andre Lanskoy


1976 - Lanskoy dies in Paris on August 22.
1974 - Lanskoy creates a mosaic for the Rennes Faculty of Sciences.
1959 - André Lanskoy creates the coloured illustrations for the published work by Pierre Lecuire called "Cortege".
1958 - Lanskoy creates a tapestry for the "SS France" steamship.
1952 - Lanskoy participates in the "French Art” exhibition in Lausanne. Over the next 20 years, museums from all over the world including the most prestigious galleries exhibit his works.
1951 - Lanskoy creates tapestries at the Picaud Gallery in Aubusson.
1944 - Lanskoy meets Louis Carré with whom he works for 16 years. This same year, Lanskoy meets Nicolas de Staël. It is the beginning of a friendship which will unite the two artists until the death of Staël in 1955.
1940 - Lanskoy leaves figurative art to work with abstract art. In 1944, the Jeanne Bucher Gallery exhibits Lanskoy’s non-figurative paintings for the first time.
1925 - Wilhem Uhde purchases the entire set of Lanskoy’s artistic output and introduces him to the Bing Gallery with whom the artist signs a 2-year contract.
1923 - Lanskoy exhibits at the Licorne Gallery with the "Russian Group": Soutine, Bart and Térechkovitch).
1921 - Lanskoy settles permanently in Paris and begins to paint nature. He creates a lot of sketches with pencil and watercolour.
1908 - The Lanskoy family moves to Saint-Petersberg, then to Kiev in 1919 where Lanskoy enlists into the White Army.
1902 - Lanskoy is born in Moscow


1925 - Gallery Bing, Paris, France.
1944 - Gallery Jeanne Bucher, Paris, France.
1952 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.
1956 - Fine Arts Associates Gallery, New-York, USA.
1959 - Albert Loeb Gallery, New-York, USA.
1961 - Athenee Museum, Geneva, Switzerland.
1968 - Museum of Art, Saint-Etienne, France.
1975 - Benelux Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
1984 - Gallery Wintersberger, Paris, France.
1989 - Alexandre Kahan Fine Arts, New-York, USA.
1990 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.


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