Enrico Baj


1924 - Enrico Baj is born on October 31 in Milan, Italy.
1945 - Enrico Baj starts his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.
1951 - Enrico Baj founds the "Nuclear Art" movement together with Sergio Dangelo.
1955 - Enrico Baj creates his series "Generals", where he paints generals that are then covered with collages of cloth and fake medals turning military characters into ridiculous paintings.
1959 - Enrico Baj turns towards the surrealist movement.
1965 - The artist starts making a series of collages with women in focus.
2000 - The artist creates political artworks taking a stand against Silvio Berlusconi.
2003 - Baj dies on June 16, close to Varese in Italy.


"Enrico Baj, catalogue de l'œuvre graphique et des multiples", in 2 volumes, these catalogues reproduce and describe all the original prints made by Baj, lithographs, etchings, aquatints, mixed media etc. More than 400 prints are in these catalogues made by Jean Petit, published by Petit and Rousseau.

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