Pierre Fernandez Arman

"I have always been very much involved in the pseudo biological cycle of production, consumption and destruction. And for a long time, I have been anguished by the fact that one of its most conspicuous material results is the flooding of our world with junk and rejected odd objects." Arman Quote.


2005 - Arman dies on October 22 in New York.
1996 - Presentation of the Arman African art collection at the Paris Museum of African and Oceanian Arts.
1992 - Arman creates a 4 meter tall sculpture in front of the Troisgros brothers’ restaurant in Roanne. It is made up of hundreds of bronze forks.
1989 - Arman develops the Shooting colours series. Theses are paintings created on the ground by ejecting colours from tubes which are crushed underfoot.
1985 - Arman delivers many orders: a sculpture for the Town of Nice (Acropolis Gardens) and an installation of 2 bronze accumulations in the Saint-Lazarre station in Paris.
1977 - Arman participates in the "Paris New York" exhibition in the Pompidou Centre in Paris.
1970 - Arman creates his first inclusions in concrete.
1963 - Arman divides his time between Vence and New York. He will benefit afterwards from a dual, Franco-American nationality
1961 - Arman creates his first “Coupes et Colères”. The following year, the artist will create his first accumulation of objects in volume.
1960 - Arman adheres to the new realist movement along with Yves Klein, Pierre Restany, Hains, Martial Raysse, Spoerri etc.
1959 - Arman meets the merchant Daniel Cordier who will be his most faithful representative. He begins his first object accumulations.
1955 - Arman creates his first stamps and prints, traces of inked objects.
1953 - Arman collects his first primitive, African art objects, his first canvasses are created under the influence of Poliakoff and Nicolas de Staël.
1949 - Arman leaves Nice to go to Paris where he will study at the Louvre School
1946 - Arman takes a 3 year course in art at the Nice School of Decorative Arts
1928 - Arman Pierre Fernandez is born in Nice, France.


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1998 - "Arman retrospective", Jeu de Paume Museum, Paris, France.
2003 - "Arman, A Survey 1954 - 2002", Malborough Gallery, New-York, USA.
2006 - "Arman, les inédits", La Malmaison, Cannes, France.


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Arman les estampes", about 300 original prints by Arman are in the catalogue made by Moreau and Otmezguine (Marval publisher) for the périod 1960 - 1990.

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