Alighiero Boetti / Twinings Presented by Gutan Fine Art

Alighiero BOETTI - Twinings

Presented by Gutan Fine Art

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    62,5 x 100,0 cm / 24.6 x 39.4 in
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    J.-C. Ammann, "Alighiero Boetti catalogo generale", tomo II, Ed. Electa, Milano, 2012, p. 303, n. 989
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Alighiero BOETTI - Twinings

The Twinings edition was commissioned to Alighiero Boetti by a Bologna company for the well-known London Twinings industry.
The artist plays on the word "twin", contained in Twinings by inserting his own "doubling" in the quote from the work Shaman / Showman.

serigraphy on paper, edited in 1978
limited edition of 100 copies
Current exemplar numbered as: 89/100
paper size: H62.5 x L100 cm
(H24.61 x L39.37 in ),

Work archived by Fondazione Alighiero Boetti

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