Andy Warhol


1987 - Andy Warhol dies on February 22 in a hospital in New York city after a routine gall bladder operation.
1984 - Andy Warhol begins an artistic collaboration with Jean Michel Basquiat.
1981 - Warhol creates his series of images on the symbol of the dollar, revolvers and knives.
1975 - Andy Warhol begins the portfolio of Mick Jagger silk-screens as well as the "Ladies and Gentlemen" series about drag-queens
1972 - The artist creates more than 2000 silk-screens of Mao.
1969 - Andy Warhol creates his first major filmography success entitled “Trash”.
1968 - Andy Warhol is the victim of an assassination attempt by Valérie Solanas.
1963 - Warhol begins his “Jackie” series using photos of Jackie Kennedy take at the presidential funerals.
1962 - Warhol paints Campbell and Dollars canned soups. He begins to work on his first silk-screens.
1960 - Andy Warhol begins to paint pop culture icons such as Coca-Cola bottles.
1958 - Warhol begins to dedicate himself to the fine arts rather than to applied art after viewing exhibitions of the works of Jasper Johns Robert Rauschenberg.
1955 - Warhol receives a commission to create a series of advertising for an upscale, trendy shoe store.
1951 - Andy Warhol creates his first drawings for television as well as the design for an advertising campaign.
1945 - Warhol quits his studies at Schenley High School and begins studying art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology
1928 - Andy Warhol is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


1952 - Gallery Hugo, New-York, USA.
1962 - Gallery Ferrus, Los Angeles, USA.
1964 - International Fair of New-York, USA.
1966 - Gallery Leo Castelli, New-York, USA.


"Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne 1962-1987" de Frayda Feldman et Claudia Defendi describe all the prints made by Andy Warhol. Schellmann publisher.

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