Serge Poliakoff


1969 - Serge Poliakoff dies on October 12.
1966 - Poliakoff wins the Grand Prize at the Menton Biennial Exhibition.
1962 - Poliakoff enters into collaboration with Erker Press in Saint-Galles and he creates a series lithographs in their workshops
1957 - Serge Poliakoff’s first engraving is published.
1952 - Thanks to a contract with the Bing Gallery, Poliakoff can leave his musical career in order to dedicate himself exclusively to painting.
1950 - Poliakoff participates in the “May Salon” and receives an enthusiastic reception.
1942 - His son, Alexis, is born.
1937 - Serge Poliakoff returns to Paris and his first exhibition at the Zak Gallery. Poliakoff meets Kandinsky.
1935 - Poliakoff studies at the Slade School of Art in London where he will remain for 2 years.
1923 - Serge Poliakoff moves to Paris and earns a living by playing guitar in the Russian cabarets.
1918 - Poliakoff’s father sends him to the countryside. The situation in Moscow is getting worse. During the trip, he takes flight and begins an exodus across Russia and Caucasia which will end at his aunt’s home in Constantinople where he will remain for 2 years.
1914 - Serge Poliakoff takes drawing courses in Moscow and paints his first landscapes.
1900 - Serge Poliakoff is born in Moscow.


1945 - Gallery Esquisse, Paris, France.
1952 - Circle and square gallery, New-York, USA.
1954 - Gallery der Spiegel, Cologne, Germany.
1958 - Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland.
1964 - Galerie de France, Paris, France.
1968 - Lefebre Gallery, New-York, USA.
1972 - Museum der Schönen Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1974 - Gallery Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan.
1981 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.
1988 - The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan.
1996 - Foundation Dina Vierny, Museum Maillol, Paris, France.


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"Serge Poliakoff, Graphik, estampes, prints" from Alexis Poliakoff and Gérard Schneider is the official catalogue for all the prints of Poliakoff, about 120 prints are described, original lithographs and etchings as well as prints after Poliakoff. Galerie Française publisher.

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