Wifredo Lam


1982 - Lam exhibits in the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. He dies on September 11, 1982. Cuba celebrates national funerals in the month of December of that same year.
1975 - Lam’s first ceramic exhibition.
1970 - Michel Leiris publishes a study of Wifredo Lam’s works.
1963 - Lam returns to Cuba, invited by the government. Three years later, he paints the "Third World " for the Havana Presidential Palace.
1959 - Overthrow of the Batista government and entry of Fidel Castro in Havana.
1955 - Lam holds an exhibition at the University of Havana along with the students who oppose the Batista dictatorship. There is a major exhibition at the Caracas Museum of Fine Arts.
1951 - Wifredo Lam receives first prize at the Havana National exhibition.
1942 - Lam returns to Cuba and settles in Havana. He remains there until 1952 when he will move permanently to Paris.
1941 - Lam travels by boat to Martinique where he will intern for 40 days in the company of 300 intellectuals including Breton and Victor Serge.
1940 - Due to the war, Wifredo Lam leaves Paris for Marseille where he makes a large number of surrealist friends including René Char, Max Ernst, Victor Brauner, Oscar Dominguez etc.
1938 - Lam moves to Paris. Picasso introduces him to the merchant Pierre Loeb who exhibits his paintings.
1929 - Wifredo Lam gets married and has a son the following year. His wife and his son die of tuberculosis two years later in 1931.
1923 - Lam migrates to Spain to take courses at the Madrid School of Fine Arts.
1916 - Wifredo Lam takes courses at the Havana School of Fine Arts.
1902 - Wifredo Lam is born in Sagua la Grande in Cuba.


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"Lam, oeuvre gravé et lithographié". Made by Dominique Tonneau-Ryckelynck, this catalogue list all the original prints of Wifredo Lam. Musée de Gravelines publisher in 1994.

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