Hans Hartung


1989 - Hans Hartung dies in Antibes.
1987 - Hans Hartung’s wife, Anna-Eva Bergman, dies.
1964 - Hans makes his first trip to the United States of America.
1960 - Hartung receives the Grand Prize for Painting at the Venice Biennial Exhibition and his is made Official of Arts and Literature.
1955 - Hartung finally experiences renown. Numerous galleries and museums throughout the world welcome his works.
1945 - Hans Hartung returns to Paris where his becomes a naturalised citizen of France.
1944 - Hans Hartung re-enlists in the French army in North Africa and is seriously wounded. His leg is removed.
1942 - Hartung flees to Spain after the occupation of France by the Nazis. He will be imprisoned in Gerona for 7 months.
1939 - Hans Hartung enlists as a volunteer and is mobilised into the French Foreign Legion. He is sent to North Africa to complete his military training.
1938 - Hartung is in a very precarious financial situation and is hosted by his friend Henri Goetz.
1933 - To flee the rise of Nazism, Hartung leaves Germany and lives for two years in Minorca. In 1935, the artist settles permanently in Paris.
1931 - Hartung’s first exhibition in the Heinrich Kühl Gallery in Dresde.
1926 - Hans Hartung moves to France where he remains until 1931.
1924 - Hartung takes courses at the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts in and paints his first canvasses.
1904 - Naissance de Hans Hartung à Leipzig


1932 - Gallery Flechtheim, Berlin, Germany.
1936 - Gallery Pierre, Paris, France.
1947 - Gallery Lydia Conti, Paris, France.
1951 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.
1957 - Kestner Gesellschaft, Hanover, Germany.
1959 - Gallery Il Segno, Roma, Italy.
1960 - Tate Gallery, London, England.
1961 - Galerie de France, Paris, France.
1963 - Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland.
1966 - Gallery Sala Nebli, Madrid, Spain.
1969 - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA.
1970 - Lefebre Gallery, New-York, USA.
1971 - Foundation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence, France.


"Hans Hartung, Das graphische Werk, 1921-1965" published by Schmücking, this catalogue describe all the original prints by Hartung made between 1921 and 1965. For the period 1965 - 1989, it does'nt exist any catalogues.

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