Maurice Esteve


2001 - Maurice Estève dies in Culan.
1999 - Publication of the catalogue for Maurice Estève collages written by Monique Prudhomme-Estève published by Estève Museum in Bourges. Preface by François Chapon.
1997 - Third donation to the Estève Museum in Bourges which exhibits 82 of the artist’s original lithographs.
1995 - Publication of the catalogue of Maurice Estève’s painted work, written by Monique Prudhomme-Estève and published by Ides and Calendes.
1987 - Official inauguration of the Estève Museum at the Echevins Hotel in Bourges.
1985 - For many years, Estève has wanted to make a significant donation of his works. On July 2, 1985, he makes this donation to the city of Bourges including: 59 canvasses, 34 drawings, 20 water colours, 10 collages and 2 tapestries.
1970 - Estève receives the National Grand Prize for Arts.
1961 - An Important retrospective Estève exhibition at the museum in Kunsthalle, Basel.
1955 - Estève sets up a studio in his birth home in Culan where he will work each summer.
1952 - Estève begins to create his first colour prints.
1942 - Estève makes an agreement with the Louis Carré Gallery which provides him some financial security.
1937 - Estève participates in the "French Painter " exhibition at the Svensk Franska Gallery in Stockholm. A museum in Göteborg buys a canvas from him. It is the beginning of a period of major interest in his work by Scandinavian countries.
1930 - Estève settles in a studio in Paris. He exhibits at the Yvangot Gallery where the critics favourably welcome his paintings.
1929 - Estève exhibits at the Salon of Surindépendants where he will continue to exhibit for the next ten years. The painter is extremely poor during this period.
1923 - His father opposes his painting vocation. Estève accepts to go to Barcelona to direct a textile design workshop. He will return to Paris the following year.
1918 - Estève becomes an apprentice to a typographer then to a furniture merchant. He takes design courses in the evenings after work.
1904 - Maurice Estève is born in Culan in the Cher region of France.


1930 - Gallery Yvangot, Paris, France.
1948 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.
1956 - Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1957 - Gallery Benador, Geneva, Switzerland.
1960 - Gallery Galanis, Paris, France.
1963 - Dom Galleries, Cologne, Germany.
1973 - Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France.
1974 - Gallery Claude Bernard, Paris, France.
1978 - Gallery Ditesheim, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
1981 - Museum Cantini, Marseille, France.
1984 - Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1989 - Gallery Tendances, Paris, France.
1990 - Gallery Louis Carré, Paris, France.
1998 - Gallery Patrice Trigano, Paris, France.
2001 - Gallery Tendances, Paris, France.


1956 - "Estève" from Pierre Francastel, Ed. Galanis, Paris.
1960 - "Estève, drawings" from Franck Elgar, Ed. Galanis, Paris.
1961 - "Estève" from Emile Muller, Ed. Hazan, Paris.
1986 - "Estève, catalogue of the graphic works" from Monique Prudhomme-Estève, Ed. Cordelia.
1987 - "Estève" of Yves Peyré and Jean Leymarie, Ed. RMN, Paris.
1995 - "Estève, catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre peint" from Monique-Prudhomme Estève, Ed. Ides et Calendes, Neuchâtel.
1999 - "Estève, catalogue raisonné des collages" from Monique-Prudhomme Estève, Ed. du musée de Bourges.


"Estève, l'oeuvre gravé", catalogue made by M.Prudhomme and H.Moestrup, Forlaget Cordella publisher in Copenhague. All the original prints of Maurice Estève are in this catalogue.

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