Mary Cassatt


1926 - Mary Cassat dies in her Beaufresne château on June 14.
1913 - Mary Cassat spends her time in Paris and Grasse. She suffers from double cataracts.
1910 - Mary Cassat suffers from depression which leads to a 2 year hiatus from painting.
1906 - Mary Cassat meets the banker James Stillman with whom she establishes a friendship. He will become the most important collector of Cassat’s works.
1904 - Mary Cassat refuses the Walter Lippincott Prize awarded by the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts for her "The Caress" painting.
1892 - Mary Cassat creates a mural for the “pavilion of the lady” at the Chicago World Exhibition. The work receives a very unfavourable welcome and has today disappeared.
1890 - Mary Cassat presents a series of 12 dry-point etchings as well as aquatints at the second exhibition for painters-engravers.
1881 - The merchant Paul Durand-Ruel begins to purchase Mary Cassat’s works.
1878 - This year Mary enters into a close friendship with Camille Pissaro. Next year Mary Cassat will join with Berthe Morisot. The artist begins to acquire impressionist works.
1877 - Mary meets Edgar Degas who invites her to participate in the next exhibition held by the Co-operation of Artists Limited
1872 - Mary Cassat studies at the Parma Academy.


1874 - Museum du Petit Palais, Paris, France.
1878 - Universal Exhibition of Paris, France.
1880 - Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Paris, France.
1889 - Gallery Durand-Ruel, Paris, France.
1891 - Frederick Keppel Gallery, New-York, USA.
1895 - Gallery Durand-Ruel, New-York, USA.
1903 - Gallery Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, France.
1915 - Gallery Knoedler, New-York, USA.
1920 - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphie, USA.
1921 - Art Institute of Chicago, USA.


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