Miquel Barcelo


1957 - Miquel Barcelo is born in Palma de Majorque.
1975 - Barcelo enrols in the San Jordi de Barcelone School of Fine Arts but only stays there for a few months.
1977 - First exhibitions in Barcelona and in Majorque.
1982 - First major personal exhibition in the Axe Art Gallery in Toulouse.
1983 - Barcelo travels to Naples and creates works using Vesuvian ashes from.
1984 - Exhibition in the gallery of Bruno Bischofberger which becomes his sales representative.
1988 - Barcelo makes his first trip to Africa where he creates works on paper, he will return there to live and to work for several months over the course of several many years.
1990 - Barcelo creates several engravings in Paris, limited edition lithographs.
1991 - He meets Hervé Guibert who will sign the preface for the Nîmes exhibition catalogue.
1995 - Major exhibition at the IVAM in Valencia, Barcelo creates his first terracotta works in Mali.
1998 - Barcelo invests in the unused Santa Eulalia dei Catalani church where he paints on the walls and exhibits his ceramics.
2005 - Inauguration of the cathedral under the sea in Palma de Majorque that Barcelo has entirely covered with ceramics and paintings.


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"Miquel Barcelo, catalogues des catalogues", catalogue for an exhibition in the gallery Bordas in Venice in 2009. 139 catalogues and books from Miquel Barcelo are here reproduced and described as well as exhibition posters and original prints, etchings and lithographs. Published by Gallery Bordas in Venice.

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