Karel Appel


1921 - Karel Appel is born on April 25.
1940 - Karel Appel starts his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam.
1943 - Picasso, Matisse and Klee are sources of inspiration for Karel Appel during this period.
1948 - Cobra, a European avant-garde movement, was formed by Appel and the fellow artists Corneille, Constant, Jorn and the poet Dotrement.
1950 - Karel Appel paints on wood and carries out mural paintings on the topic of the child.
1957 - Appel travels to the United States where he paints several portraits of jazz musicians.
1964 - Appel makes his first big wood sculpture.
2006 - Karel Appel dies on May 3 in Zürich, Switzerland.

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