Paul Huet / Caroline Richomme cousant Presented by Sylvan Cole Gallery

Paul HUET - Caroline Richomme cousant

Presented by Sylvan Cole Gallery

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Paul HUET - Caroline Richomme cousant

Pencil on wove paper.
Signed with the estate stamp (Lugt 1268).

A very fine sketch of Caroline Richomme, a niece who became his sister-in-law when he married her sister Céleste. Caroline secretly hoped to supplant her sister in Huet's affections.

Exhibited by the Gallery 23 in Paris in 1930. The catalogue, by André Joubin, is entitled "Centenaire du romanticisme: exposition Paul Huet 1803-1869" (Paris: Edmond Bernard, 1930). This drawing is no. 51, and is reproduced on p. 26.

Reproduced in Pierre Miquel, *Paul Huet: De l’aube romantique à l’aube impressionniste* (Sceaux: Editions de la Martinelle, 1962), p. 126.

On the verso is a sketch of a waterfall (photo available), also with the estate stamp. It has never been reproduced.

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