Karel Appel / Flying in Blue Sky Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

Karel APPEL - Flying in Blue Sky

Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

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    149,2 x 149,2 cm / 58.7 x 58.7 in
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    From the edition of 10.
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Karel APPEL - Flying in Blue Sky

Created in c. 1977-1979, this hand woven wool and silk tapestry is from the edition of 10. This work features the woven signature 'Appel' in the lower right corner in black.

This large-scale tapestry by Karel Appel envelops the viewer in a myriad of color. Bold tones capture the landscape of this work, with a cross section of primary colors with underlying shades of sky blues. The intermittent canary yellows allow for a lightness of composition, while the blues and greens help anchor the piece. The viewer can discern a large visage in the center that appears with eyes and mouth wide open. Abstract figures surround this visage, appearing somewhat animalistic in nature, instilled with a sense of liveliness and vivaciousness and relaying the impression the this tapestry is bursting with energy and animation.

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