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Salvador Dali  

Dali - Prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books.
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Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Traitor of Montiperti
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Slothful
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Law of Climbing
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Divine Forest
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Angels of Empyrean
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Song of the Wise Spirits
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Ecstatic Visions
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Divine Impenetrability
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - The Minotaur
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Farinata
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Dante Re-awakens
Woodcut by Salvador Dali - Dante and Beatrice
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - The Lance of Chivalry
Etching by Salvador Dali - Composition de 3
Etching by Salvador Dali - le viel hippy
Etching by Salvador Dali - l'aigrette
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - The Black Mass (1974)
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - Montres Molles (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - L'étalon blanc (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Paysage Surréaliste (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Place de la Concorde (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Le Château de Vascoeuil (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Traits présumés de F Pujols… (Hommage à Francesc Pujols) (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Cavalier de l'Apocalypse (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Femmes Surréalistes (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Vénus (1974)
Etching by Salvador Dali - Saint Georges et le Dragon (1974)
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - Girafe en Flamme (la Jungle Humaine) (1974)
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - l'Hirondelle (la Jungle Humaine) (1974)
Lithograph by Salvador Dali - Hydre à trois têtes (les Vitraux de Figueras) (1974)
Dali - Biography
1904 -
Salvador Dali is born in Figueres, Spain.
1917 -
Salvador Dali attends drawing classes taught by teacher Juan Núñez at the Municipal Drawing School, la Escuela Municipal de Grabado, in Figueres.
1918 -
Dali's exhibits his paintings for the first time in the municipal hall in Figuéras.
1921 -
Dali starts studying at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid.
1923 -
Dali is expelled from the San Fernando School, accused of rebellion.
1926 -
Dali goes to Paris for the first time where he meets Picasso, a man he greatly admires.
1929 -
Dali meets Gala, the women who will become the love of his life and his muse.
1934 -
Salvador Dali goes to the United States for the first time, (on a trip paid by Picasso).
1939 -
The big New York department store Bonwit-Teller asks Salvador Dali to decorate their storefronts.
1943 -
Dali sells his first painting to an American couple, both art collectors.
1945 -
Dali meets Alfred Hitchcock who he admires and he later designs and constructs sets for his films.
1946 -
Dali has a shared exhibition with Juan Gris, Picasso and Miro at the Institute of Modern Art in Boston.
1948 -
Dali returns to Spain from the United States and moves to Port Lligat.
1955 -
Dali paints the decor for the Zoo de Vincennes in Paris, publishes manifests and receives orders from collectors and institutions.
1969 -
Dali moves to Púbol Castle that he decorates entirely for his muse Gala.
1978 -
Dali presents his first hyper-stereoscopic painting at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. His paintings are now inspired by Michelangelo and Raphael.
1980 -
Gala passes away.
1989 -
Salvador Dalí dies in Torre Galatea on January 23.
Dali - Catalogues Raisonnes
Catalogue raisonné of Dali
- "Dali, catalogue raisonné of etchings and mixed-media prints", all the original engravings and mixed-media prints of Salvator Dali are in this catalogue made by R. Michler and L. W. Löpsinger. Ed. Prestel
Catalogue raisonné of Dali
- "Dali, catalogue raisonné of etchings and mixed-media prints", this second volume is devoted to all the original lithographs made by Dali, as well as his woodcuts.
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