Antoni Tàpies


1984 - Creation of the Antoni Tapies Foundation in Barcelona.
1981 - Tapies creates his first ceramics with Hans Spinner.
1955 - Tapiès becomes internationally famous when he exhibits at the Stadler gallery in Paris.
1970 - Tapies‘s works evoke an image of a torn and distressed world with the help of lacerated and scratchy compositions. He creates his first sculptures and assemblies.
1953 - He abandons surrealism and begins working with abstraction using raw materials, textures and signs.
1951 - Tapies receives a scholarship from France and meets Braque, Picasso, Dubuffet, Fautrier and Michel Tapié in Paris.
1949 - Tapies becomes interested in oriental art. He is particularly interested in oriental calligraphy.
1948 - He establishes the Dau Al Set review (The 7th Face of the Die) with Ponç, Tharrats and Cuixart. He meets Miro whose influence causes him to enter a period.
1946 - Tapies studies design at the Valls Academy and creates his first abstract works.
1942 - Tapies suffers from a serious pulmonary disease followed by a lengthy convalescence during which he becomes interested in art.
1936 - The Spanish Civil War profoundly affects his adolescence.
1923 - Antoni Tapies is born in Barcelona.
2012 - Antoni Tapiès dies on February 6th in Barcelona at the age of 88.


"Tapies, l'oeuvre gravé" from Mariuccia Galfetti, in 3 volumes (here the first one is reproduced) reference all the original prints by Tapies, etchings and lithographs, made between 1947 and 1986. Erker publisher.

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