Antoni Clavé


2005 - Clavé dies on August 30 in Saint-Tropez.
1977 - Clavé exhibits his first illusionist work.
1965 - Antoni Clavé move to Saint-Tropez.
1956 - Clavé begins his baroque « King » series in paintings and lithographs. This same year he returns to collage art.
1954 - Antoni Clavé abandons the design of sets in order to dedicate himself exclusively to painting and engraving.
1950 - Clavé paints "Homage to Zurbaran" and begins the illustration of "Rabelais’s Gargantua".
1946 - The lithographs of Clavé are enriched with, for example, the illustration of "The Queen of Spades" by Pouchkine.
1940 - Clavé creates lithographs of the "Images of Paris" series and participates for the first time in the Autumn Exhibition.
1935 - Antoni Clavé creates collages using a variety of materials including ropes, tissues, cartons, newspapers etc.
1926 - Clavé is initiated into the house-painting profession. He also takes courses at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts
1913 - Antoni Clavé is born in Barcelona.


1946 - Gallery Delpierre,Paris, France.
1947 - Anglo French Art Center, London, England.
1951 - Gallerias Witcomb, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1954 - Galleria Obelisco, Roma, Italy.
1955 - Tooth Gallery, London, England.
1956 - Museo de Arte Moderno, Bilbao, Spain.
1957 - Gallery Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland.
1958 - Galerija Liubjliana, Slovenia.
1960 - Sala Gaspar, Barcelona, Spain.
1962 - Gallery Creuzevault, Paris, France.


1944 - "The universe of Clavé" de Georges Waldemar.
1951 - "Antoni Clavé" by Carlos Madrigal, Ed. El Hogar.
1957 - "Antonio Clavé" by Raymond Cogniat, Ed. Prisme des Arts.
1958 - "Eloge de Clavé" by Pierre Osenat, Ed. Brucker.
1956 - "Clavé" by Herta Wescher, Ed. Graphis.
1952 - "Clavé et l'art du ballet" of Georges Waldemar, Ed. du Tambourinaire.


"Antoni Clavé l'oeuvre gravé" from Roger Passeron is the catalogue for all the original prints of the artist, lithographs and etchings, as well as illustrated books. Office du livre Publisher, Fribourg.

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