Georges Rouault


1871 - Georges Roualt is born is Paris.
1963 - A large number of incomplete works by Rouault are offered to the state by the painter’s widow
1958 - Georges Rouault dies in Paris on February 13.
1951 - For Rouault‘s eightieth birthday, a homage is organised at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.
1949 - Rouault places his first models in the workshop in the Ligugé abbey for the creation of enamels
1947 - After all the battles, Rouault wins his lawsuit against Vollard’s heirs who had taken possession of paintings found in his workshop. 119 of these paintings were, unfortunately, already sold. Rouault recovered some 800 canvasses. He will then burn 315 in front of the bailiff in 1948 and will repeat it again in 50’s.
1939 - Rouault‘s merchant, Ambroise Vollard, dies.
1938 - The engraved works of Georges Rouault are exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art.
1929 - Rouault creates the set designs for the "Prodigal Son" for Diaghilev.
1926 - Georges Rouault publishes "Memories in Time" which is illustrated with his lithography.
1917 - Georges Rouault engraves "War and Misery" which will appear only in 1948 under the title of "Misery". In 1928, the artist will illustrate "The Reincarnations of Father Ubu", "Passion" in 1936, and 'The Circus of the Wandering Star" in 1938.
1913 - Ambroise Vollard, a merchant, buys Georges Rouault’s workshop.
1910 - First individual exhibition at the Druet Gallery where Rouault presents paintings, drawings and ceramics.
1903 - Rouault’s works are exhibited at the Autumn Salon and two years later at the Salon of the Independents.
1890 - Rouault enrols in the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris.
1885 - Initiated into painting by his grand-father for the first time, Rouault takes evening courses at the Paris School of Decorative Arts


1895 - French artists Salon, Paris, France.
1905 - Salon des indépendants, Paris, France.
1910 - Gallery Druet, Paris, France.
1920 - Gallery Licorne, Paris, France.
1922 - Gallery Barbazanges, Paris, France.
1937 - Petit Palais, Paris, France.
1945 - Museum of Modern Art, New-York, USA.
1948 - Gallery Garets, Zürich, Switzerland.
1952 - Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.
1954 - Museum of Modern Art, Milan, Italy.
1956 - Toulouse Lautrec Museum, Albi, France


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"Georges Rouault, oeuvre gravé". Catalogue made by François Chapon and Isabelle Rouault, in 2 volumes (here the number 1 reproduced). All the original prints (lithographs, etchings) are in this book published by André Sauret.

"Le livre des livres de Georges Rouault" reference all the illustrated books and album by the painter. The most famous of them are "Passion", "Miserere", or "Cirque à l'étoile filante". Catalogue made by Isabelle Rouault, notes by François Chapon, André Sauret publisher.

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