Andre Masson


1987 - André Masson dies in Paris on October 27.
1973 - André Masson participates prefaces the catalogue for the "André Malraux"' exhibition at the Saint Paul de Vence Maeght Foundation
1965 - Masson creates the set designs for Cervantes’s “Numancia” which is produced by Jean-Louis Barrault at the Odeon theatre
1959 - Presentation of Jean Grémillon’s film called "André Masson and the Four Elements ".
1948 - Masson develops a lithograph printing method for several colours on a single plate for the book by André Malraux entitled "The Conquerors ". Three years later, he uses the same lithographic technique to illustrate the "Trip to Venice”.
1942 - Masson finds safe harbour in the United States for 4 years where many galleries welcome his exhibitions.
1940 - Masson creates the set and costume designs for the “Media” by Madeleine Milhaud.
1936 - Disturbed by the civil war in Spain where he had settled 2 years earlier, Masson returned to France and settled in Normandy
1933 - During his exile in the United States, Masson creates engravings at studio 17, directed by Stanley William Hayter.
1929 - Masson leaves surrealism and André Breton.
1923 - First collective exhibition for Masson at the Simon Gallery along with Miro and Laurens. He discovers surrealism.
1914 - André Masson is mobilised and serves in the infantry. He will be discharged 3 years later when he is seriously wounded.
1912 - André Masson studies at the National Superior School of Arts in Paris
1907 - The Masson family moves to Brussels. From the age of 11, André Masson attends the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
1896 - André Masson is born in Balagny-sur-Thérain, in Oise, France.


1923 - Gallery Simon, Paris, France.
1932 - Pierre Matisse Gallery, New-York, USA.
1953 - Louisville University, USA.
1958 - Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria.
1964 - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Holland.
1967 - Beaux-Arts Museum, Lyon, France.
1968 - Museum Cantini, Marseille, France.
1975 - Gallery Arturo Schwartz, Milan, Italy.
1976 - Museum of Modern Art, New-Yok, USA.
1987 - Hayward Gallery, London, England.


1930 - "Masson" by Pascal Piat, Ed. de la NRF.
1947 - "André Masson and his universe" by Michel Leiris and Georges Limbour, Ed. des trois collines.
1965 - "Masson" by Otto Hahn, Ed. Pierre Tisné.
1971 - "Mythologie d'André Masson" by Jean-Paul Clébert, Ed. Pierre Cailler.


"André Masson, gravures 1924-1972", catalogue made by Roger Passeron and published by Office du livre, this catalogue reproduce and describe all the original prints in the period 1924-1972.

"André Masson, les livres illustrés" par par L. Saphire et P. Cramer, describe all the illustrated books made by André Masson. About 120 books are here reproduced, including the most famous of them as "L'Espoir" or "Les Conquérants" by André Malraux, "Les Hain-Teny" by Jean Paulhan, "Le Mort" by Georges Bataille, or even "Une saison en enfer" by Arthur Rimbaud.

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