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Art Gallery Risorgimento

Galleria Risorgimento, 15, 37045 Legnago - Italy

1967 - 2017 a remembrance ... Fifty years of life dedicated to profession in gallery, profession i never have never had feeled as it. The quoted challenge with the world of culture in the small reality of a small citizen. Art is the incredible spirit that gets you, you and you should have to leave without defects, but you like to live that top of the sky, where the emotions are the square and the law of the quotidian outside the door. There are the emotions i had to include in all these years, how to provide a work of art is transferring to who has did the animation of a shape.

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    Art Gallery Risorgimento
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    Pinzan Roberto
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    Galleria Risorgimento, 15, 37045 Legnago
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