Mel Ramos / Hav-a-Havana #11 Presented by Galerie Frank Fluegel

Mel RAMOS - Hav-a-Havana #11

Presented by Galerie Frank Fluegel

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Mel RAMOS - Hav-a-Havana #11

Lithograph in 32 colors on BFK Rives paper. Signed and numbered.
Advertising pictures are a popular motif of Pop Art. But hardly any other representative of this art movement has used them as irritatingly as Mel Ramos. With his combinations of advertising motifs and pin-up girls, he experienced his breakthrough, but also reaped criticism.

Erotic scenes of naked women in huge Martini glasses and idealized female bodies, as you could see in Playboy magazine at that time, were typical for Mel Ramos' pictorial motifs. This provocative sensuality is broken by strange-looking combinations in the motif - a naked woman standing in a half-open chocolate bar wrapper or leaning against a huge cigar. Throughout his career, Mel Ramos has intelligently challenged both the fundamentals of commercial advertising and modern ideals of beauty.

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