Daniel Pfauth / AWD 1.45 (Abstract Wall Print 1.45) Presented by Galerie Hochdruck

Daniel PFAUTH - AWD 1.45 (Abstract Wall Print 1.45)

Presented by Galerie Hochdruck

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    210,0 x 140,0 cm / 82.7 x 55.1 in
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    0,0 x 0,0 cm / 0.0 x 0.0 in
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  • Price
    3 200 euros (€)
  • Reference
    Herwig Tachezi: Daniel Pfauth - Prints, Vienna 2015
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Daniel PFAUTH - AWD 1.45 (Abstract Wall Print 1.45)

Wall print in 6 colors on wove paper. Signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

Daniel Pfauth, born 1984, is considered to be the inventor of the printing technique called by himself "wall cut" or "wall print". The basic technique calls for the application to a wall of a special plaster mix so finely that subsequent smoothing is not only unnecessary but also not desired by the artist. The picture is then cut into this "printing block" and colored with rollers. A large sheet of paper is placed on the wet paint and the paint transferred to the paper by hand pressure and circular movements. The surface structures produce an extremely lively background, similar to the way in which artists since Paul Gauguin's days have emphasized the wood structure in their woodcuts. If more than one color is used, the picture is created using a technique known as "reductive" print. After each color has been printed the block is cut further until the final print has been created. Obviously, the block cannot be used for reprints as it no longer exists in its original form. Using this technique Daniel Pfauth usually produces only very small print runs or, more recently, unique prints in which he abandons figurative art altogether and uses only wall structures as a pictoral motif.

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