Roberto Matta / Le acque d'arno Presented by Hiva Oa Art Gallery

Roberto MATTA - Le acque d'arno

Presented by Hiva Oa Art Gallery

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  • Technical
  • Image size
    49,5 x 74,5 cm / 19.5 x 29.3 in
  • Paper size
    57,5 x 78,0 cm / 22.6 x 30.7 in
  • Edition
  • Price
    On demand
  • Reference
    Ferrari 20/21/24 and 25
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Roberto MATTA - Le acque d'arno

Four lithographs in black and white from the portfolio "Le acque d'Arno". Designed and published on the aftermath of the flooding of the river Arno in Florence.
The ones for sale are:
Versan le vene le fummifere acque;
Io sentia gia de la man destra il gorgo;
Non vedi tu la morte che 'l combatte; and
La pioggia cadde ed a' fossati venne.

Some from the edition of 99, some E.A.'s
All hand signed and in fine condition.

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