Rene Magritte / Le dernier cri (The Last Word) Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

Rene MAGRITTE - Le dernier cri (The Last Word)

Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

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Rene MAGRITTE - Le dernier cri (The Last Word)

Magritte's Le dernier cri (The Last Word) was René his last painting before his death in 1967. Of this work Jacque Meuris states, "The Last Word is a highly emblematic picture, particularly in view of the place it occupies in the complete catalogue as the last finished work. Against a background of the kind of rugged mountains seen in many of the artist's best-known paintings, suspended in an aperture of which we see only the right-hand edge, is an enormously magnified leaf. In the center of the leaf is a tree (where the leaf came from?) with exposed roots. Again, these are retrospective quotations, references back to other subjects that the artist had tackled, other problems of advanced poetics that he sought to solve during his lifetime" (p. 176).

Created after the 1967 original oil on canvas Le dernier cri (The Last Word) by René Magritte (1898-1967), this color lithograph was published and printed by Philippe Moreno, Paris in 2003. This work is facsimile signed 'Magritte' in facsimile in graphite color in the lower right margin and signed in pencil in the lower left margin by the representative of ADAGP representing the Magritte Succession, Mr. Charly Herscovici. Numbered from the edition of 300 in pencil in the lower left margin (from the total edition of 360, 300 examples numbered 1-300, 45 artist's proofs numbered 1-45, and 15 copies reserved for the Succession Magritte), this work is stamped with the ADAGP blindstamp in the lower left margin and the Succession Magritte blindstamp in the lower right margin. On the back of this work is an extensive block of printed text stating the title, provenance, tirage, and details of the original oil on canvas.

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