Rene Magritte / La Flêche de Zenon (Zeno's Arrow), Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

Rene MAGRITTE - La Flêche de Zenon (Zeno's Arrow),

Presented by Masterworks Fine Art

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    45,1 x 38,1 cm / 17.8 x 15.0 in
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    59,9 x 45,1 cm / 23.6 x 17.8 in
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    Numbered from the edition of 275
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    On demand
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Rene MAGRITTE - La Flêche de Zenon (Zeno's Arrow),

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Zeno, a Greek philosopher who lived in the 5th century, devised a series of paradoxes. Given the idea of an arrow in flight, he states that an object has to change positions in order for it to be considered 'in motion'. At any fixed point in time, he argues, the arrow does not move either to where it is or is not. Since no time elapses in this single instant, it cannot move forward, and it cannot move to its present position because it is there to begin with. If all things are motionless at every moment, and time is composed of these moments, motion must be impossible. Magritte pays homage to Zeno's paradox with an equally improbable image of a large boulder suspended over a sea. But perhaps we are not meant to question how it got there or where it will go next, if any and all movement is impossibility.

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