Jorge Castillo / El rey de los paganos Presented by Artsobrepaper

Jorge CASTILLO - El rey de los paganos

Presented by Artsobrepaper

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Jorge CASTILLO - El rey de los paganos

Bibliophile Edition: 75 copies.
All the copies come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and
measure 37 _ 49 cm. Presented in cloth-covered covers and slipcase, both of which
are illustrated with works by Castillo created especially for this book. The volume
contains 76 pages in Spanish illustrated with 18 etchings and four lithographs,
all printed on Guarro paper.

Jorge Castillo has designed an attractive book based on the
beautiful writings of Valle Inclán, in which the artist’s imagination,
delicacy and poetry reach the heights attained by the great writer.
Castillo’s strange creatures, both real and fantastical, belong to the
same world as the prestigious writer’s. The conjunction of the man
of letters and the painter sees some of Valle Inclán’s finest pages,
brought together with a selection of Castillo’s artwork in this

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