Georges Braque / Theiere et Fruits Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

Georges BRAQUE - Theiere et Fruits

Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Georges BRAQUE - Theiere et Fruits

Georges Braque, Theiere et Fruits is a Spitzer collotype in colors on Arches wove paper. Signed and numbered in pencil from the edition of 150 with the Publisher’s blindstamp. Published by Guy Spitzer, Paris.

Although Braque began his career painting landscapes, during 1908 he discovered the advantages of painting still life pieces. Braque explained that he “… began to concentrate on still-lifes, because in the still-life you have a tactile, I might almost say a manual space… This answered to the hankering I have always had to touch things and not merely see them… In tactile space you measure the distance separating you from the object, whereas in visual space you measure the distance separating things from each other. This is what led me, long ago, from landscape to still-life” A still life like Theiere et Fruits was also more accessible, in relation to perspective, than landscape, and permitted the artist to see the multiple perspectives of the object. Braque’s early interest in still lifes revived during the 1930s.

Theiere et Fruits exhibits that although he departed from his harsh lines and forms, Braque never abandoned his cubist style. He held true to his fragmented forms and simultaneous perspective. By the time of his death in 1963, he was regarded as one of the elder statesmen of the School of Fines art in Paris, as well as in modern art.

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