Georges Braque / L'Oiseau Multicolore Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

Georges BRAQUE - L'Oiseau Multicolore

Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Georges BRAQUE - L'Oiseau Multicolore

Georges Braque, L’oiseau Multicolore 1950 is an original color etching and aquatint. This print is signed lower right corner and numbered in the lower left corner with pencil. Vallier 1020.

Georges Braque was a French artist and revolutionary at the forefront of the Cubist art movement. From 1909 Pablo Picasso and Braque worked together in developing Cubism; by 1911 their styles were extremely similar. In 1912 they started to incorporate collage elements into their paintings and to experiment with the papier collé (pasted paper) technique. Their artistic collaboration lasted until 1914.

Braque’s work throughout his life focused on still lives and means of viewing objects from various perspectives through color, line, and texture. L’oiseau Multicolore was made in 1950 during the later years of his life. In 1954 he designed stained-glass windows for the church of Varengeville.

L’oiseau Multicolore was created during the last few years of his life, Braque’s ill health prevented him from undertaking further large-scale commissions, but he continued to paint, make lithographs, and design jewelry. He died on August 31, 1963, in Paris.

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