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Eduardo Chillida  

Chillida - Prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books.
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Screenprint by Eduardo Chillida - Paris
Etching by Eduardo Chillida - Jorge Semprun : L'écriture ou la vie
Screenprint by Eduardo Chillida - Homenatge a Joan Prats
Multiple by Eduardo Chillida - Literature or Life II
Multiple by Eduardo Chillida - Literature or Life III
Ceramic by Eduardo Chillida - Lurra XV
Aquatint by Eduardo Chillida - Sans titre
Woodcut by Eduardo Chillida - Baitan
Woodcut by Eduardo Chillida - Oin-hatz II
Woodcut by Eduardo Chillida - Goiti
Lithograph by Eduardo Chillida - Affiche Originale Jeux Olympiques Munich 1972
Engraving by Eduardo Chillida - Euzkadi IV
Engraving by Eduardo Chillida - Múnich
Woodcut by Eduardo Chillida - Terres de Grand Feu
Screenprint by Eduardo Chillida - Anitz
Woodcut by Eduardo Chillida - Beltza
Etching and aquatint by Eduardo Chillida - Bikaina
Lithograph by Eduardo Chillida - Composition
Etching and aquatint by Eduardo Chillida - Abiagune
Screenprint by Eduardo Chillida - Jeux Olympiques de Munich 1972
Lithograph by Eduardo Chillida - sans titre
Drypoint by Eduardo Chillida - Irtezin
Engraving by Eduardo Chillida - Argian
Engraving by Eduardo Chillida - Irudin
Screenprint by Eduardo Chillida - Lorea
Aquatint by Eduardo Chillida - Indetenible Quietud
Multiple by Eduardo Chillida - Olympic Centennial
Etching by Eduardo Chillida - Portfolio 12th Anniversary of Galeria Joan Prats
Engraving by Eduardo Chillida - Aundi I
Illustrated book by Eduardo Chillida - KOELEN, Martin van der. Eduardo Chillida. Opus Prints P.I - P.IV. Catálogo completo de la obra gráfica / Catalogue Raisonnée of the Original Prints / Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik , 1959-2001.
Chillida - Biography
1924 -
Eduardo Chillida is born on January 10.
1943 -
Chillida starts his studies at a school of architecture in Madrid.
1950 -
Chillida moves to Paris where he devotes himself to sculpture.
1954 -
Chillida creates low-relief sculptures on the doors of the Fransiscan monk church in Aranzu.
1958 -
Chillida exhibits artworks in the Spanish pavilion during the Venice Biennale.
1959 -
The artists is awarded with the Graham Foundation Grant and the Kandisky Prize.
1960 -
Chillida travels to the USA for the first time where he participates in an exhibition at the Guggenheim museum in New York.
1970 -
Chillida creates the sculpture "Around the Void V" for the World Bank.
1971 -
Eduardo Chillida is appointed professor at Harvard University.
1975 -
Chillida is awarded with the Goethe Foundation's Rembrandt Prize.
1981 -
Chillida is awarded with the Gold Medal of the Fine Arts in Madrid.
1984 -
Chillida receives the Grand Prix des Beaux Arts in France.
1988 -
The artist participates once more in the Venice Biennale.
2002 -
Eduardo Chillida dies on August 19 in San Sebastian in Basque Country.
Chillida - Catalogues Raisonnes
Catalogue raisonné of Chillida
- "Eduardo Chillida, catalogue raisonné of the original prints", in 4 volumes, (here the first one reproduced) is the official catalogue for all the prints of Chillida, including the one printed in the illustrated books. Catalogue made by Van der Koelen and published by Chorus in München.
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