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Fernand Leger  

Leger - Prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books.
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Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Art et Solidarite
Woodcut by Fernand Leger - Le Campeur
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Femme Fleur
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Le Tournesol
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Tete de Femme
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Branches
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Nature Mort aux Fruits
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Composition aux dominos
Ceramic by Fernand Leger - Abstract Composition
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Partie de campagne
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Acrobates et Musiciens
Screenprint by Fernand Leger - Figures rouge et jaune, 1950
Pochoir by Fernand Leger - La Racine Grise
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Mère et enfant
Offset by Fernand Leger - Grand Palais
Offset by Fernand Leger - Rivoli Fine Art
Lithograph by Fernand Leger -
Lithograph by Fernand Leger -
Lithograph by Fernand Leger -
Lithograph by Fernand Leger -
Pochoir by Fernand Leger - Tête de femme
Pochoir by Fernand Leger - Tête de Femme
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - La partie de Campagne
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - partie de campagne
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - le cycliste I
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Musee de Lyon
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - F. Leger - Galerie Louis Carre
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Le disque rouge
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Construction sur fond rouge
Lithograph by Fernand Leger - Musée de Lyon  1955
Leger - Biography
1881 -
Fernand Léger is born in Argentan, France.
1903 -
Léger enters the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. He had been rejected by the School of Fine Arts where he continues to study as a free student.
1911 -
Fernand Léger exhibits his "Nudes in the Forest " canvas at the Salon of Independents. This causes a scandal.
1914 -
Fernand Léger is deployed by the military. Three years later he will be gassed on the Verdun front and then hospitalised.
1918 -
Léger illustrates "I Killed" by Blaise Cendrars. The following year, he will illustrate "The End of the World Filmed by the Angel of Notre Dame " by the same author.
1923 -
Léger creates the set and costume designs for "The Creation of the World ". It is accompanied with music composed by Darius Milhaud.
1929 -
Fernand Léger teaches at the Modern Academy in the company of Ozenfant.
1931 -
Fernand Léger takes his first trip to the United States of America.
1937 -
Léger creates a mural for the Discovery Palace in Paris and creates the set designs for the "Triumphant David " ballet by Serge Lifar.
1941 -
Fernand Léger teaches at Mills College in California, USA.
1949 -
Léger illustrates "The Lights" by Rimbaud and creates his first ceramics in Biot.
1950 -
Illustration of "The Circus" published by Tériade, his most well-known book to date.
1952 -
Fernand Léger creates the mural for the large United Nations building in New York.
1955 -
Fernand Léger dies on August 17.
1960 -
Inauguration of the National Fernand Léger Museum in Biot (Maritime Alps).
Leger - Exhibitions
1941 - Marie Harriman Gallery, New-York, USA.
1956 - French Institute, Athens, Greece.
1958 - Gallery Louise Leiris, Paris, France.
1968 - Saindenberg Gallery, New-York, USA.
1969 - Städtische Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf, Germany.
1970 - Gallery Claude Bernard, Paris, France.
1971 - Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1963 - Pouchkine Museum, Moscow, Russia.
1962 - Gallery Berggruen, Paris, France.
1962 - The Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New-York, USA.
1957 - Kunsthaus, Basel, Switzerland.
Leger - Bibliography
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Leger - Catalogues Raisonnes
Catalogue raisonné of Leger
- "Fernand Léger, l'oeuvre gravé", catalogue made by Lawrence Saphire, Blue Moon Press publishers in New York. Text from the french printer Fernand Mourlot. This catalogue reproduce and describe about 150 original prints by Fernand Léger.
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