Marc Chagall / Ouvert La Nuit Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

Marc CHAGALL - Ouvert La Nuit

Presented by Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Marc CHAGALL - Ouvert La Nuit

Marc Chagall, Ouvert la Nuit is an original Etching and Drypoint on China paper. The second and definitive state created as the frontispiece for the livre d’artiste “Open the Night” by Paul Morand. Ouvert la Nuit is from the signed and numbered edition of 120, included in the original book. Kornfeld 74.

Marc Chagall made work in various formats including book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, as well as the drawing and paintings he is most known for. Chagall produced stained glass for the cathedrals of Reims and Metz and the Jerusalem Windows in Israel. He made an astonishing 10,000 works during his 75-year career. His work references his Russian and Jewish heritage in a distinct and expressive manner by including a warm, human pictorial universe full of personal metaphor which set him apart from much of 20th-century art.

Marc Chagall is praised as a pioneer of modern art as one of the greatest figurative painters. He invented a visual language that recorded the thrill and terror of the twentieth century. Chagall is of French-Russian and Jewish heritage, and he lived through the horrors of world wars, revolution and ethnic persecution in Europe between 1914 and 1945. Much of his work is a commentary on his personal connection and disillusionment with this European history. Chagall conveys these messages in a uniquely expressive and dream-like manner.

Honored for his distinct style and pioneering role among Jewish artists, Marc Chagall painted dream-like subjects rooted in personal history and Eastern European folklore. Though he actively engaged in the Parisian artistic community, art for Chagall was first and foremost a means of personal expression. He preferred to be considered separately from other artists, his imagery and allegory uniquely his own.

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